Arielle's Weekend Favorites - February Picks

Arielle's Weekend Favorites - February Picks

charcoal honey face mask in glass jar
Charcoal Honey Face Mask
Add this soothing face mask to your weekend routine. Activated charcoal detoxifies the skin and honey acts as a natural antimicrobial to prevent breakouts.


Why Arielle Loves It: This mask is so smooth and feels less heavy than most. It's a really easy addition to your weekly self care.
 amethyst triangle polymer clay earrings by cold gold
Amethyst Triangle Studs
Minimal and modern, but bright enough to make a statement. Also great for a second piercing
Why Arielle Loves Them: Polymer clay is extremely trendy right now. It's fun to see a brand handling the material in such an unusual way! Cold Gold uses the clay to create marbled pieces that resemble various semiprecious stones.
 mustard cross stitch toiletry bag by anchal handmade
Cross Stitch Toiletry Bag - Mustard
This unique toiletry bag is surprisingly roomy and perfect for weekend packing or daily storage. The mustard color is really bright and automatically brings a smile to your face.


Why Arielle Loves It: Beyond the beauty of the bag, the brand that creates it is phenomenally supportive of its makers and craftspeople. Your bag will even include the hand embroidered signature of the woman who created it.
tin candle fireside fragrance
Tin Candle - Fireside
Do you ever pack your favorite scented candle when you travel? How about a candle that brings the scent and warmth of a crackling fire? This must have candle for any cozy moment.
Why Arielle Loves It: I simply can't get over the scent of this candle! It is so spot on and absolutely gives a fireside experience.
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