About TMDCo.

Founded in 2018 by embroidery designer Arielle Salkin, The Materials Design Co. creates unique jewelry and accessories through the combination of sustainably minded materials and high-end embellishment techniques. After five years designing beading and embroidery concepts for well-known designers and companies throughout the country, Arielle has translated her love of embellishment into this unique collection of accessories. Maximalist and vibrant, the collection embodies a dress-up/dress-down philosophy of accessorizing; creating pieces that can be worn with anything from jeans to ball gowns. Day or night, our accessories have the ability to inspire, energize, and embolden the woman who wears them.

The Materials Design Co. works with local women-owned businesses to produce our collection of beaded jewelry. Whenever possible, organic and eco-friendly materials and natural dyes are used. We believe that the quality and energy of the materials and processes that go into our pieces are just as important to the outcome as the craftsmanship.

The collection is created in both New York and New Jersey. Arielle’s studio is located in Springfield, NJ.