Beautiful + Practical: 3 Tips for Jewelry Storage

Beautiful + Practical: 3 Tips for Jewelry Storage

I recently worked with Sharona of The Organizer Bunny to clear up and organize my jewelry making space. It was such a cleansing, wonderful experience. Have you ever worked with a professional organizer? It was my first time, and it was worth every penny.

I asked Sharona if we could collaborate on a post to share some of her expertise with you. What could we all use a little help with? Why, organizing our TMDCo. jewelry of course! Read through for her top 3 jewelry organization tips:


1) Edit, edit, edit! 

Your jewelry can only shine if you weed down your collection to only the pieces that you truly love and enjoy. For some, this will be dozens of pieces, while for others it will be only a few. The point isn't the amount, rather, that there is intent behind what you own. This way, looking through your collection and choosing pieces to wear will be easy and fun! And don't be afraid to donate pieces that were gifted to you or that you've outgrown - let someone else enjoy them!
Jewelry in an organizer
Jewelry in organizational drawers

2) Use jewelry as decor! 

I absolutely love doing this in my own home. Jewelry is meant to be displayed on your body, so why not also display it as a pop of sparkly goodness in your living space? I'm talkin' jewelry trees (like this gorgeous gold one that I got at Target for $20), lucite containers, little trays and jewelry boxes! Amazon, Etsy and Marshall's are some of my favorite spots to pick up gorgeous and affordable jewelry containers.
Jewelry on a jewelry tree decorative
Jewelry in a gold dish decorative

3) Drawer inserts are your friends! 

If you're into a more minimalist look and are not going to go the display route, I absolutely love organizing jewelry in drawers! Inserts keep everything tucked away and tidy and make your jewelry routine a seamless one stop shop. Organize by jewelry type, size, color, occasion, or whatever else works for YOU. There is no one right way to organize - it's all about what makes sense for you and your life.
Jewelry in drawer organizers
Drawer organizer with jewelry
Sharona, AKA The Organizer Bunny, is a professional organizer with years of experience decluttering and streamlining homes all over Manhattan and the Tri-state area. Sharona brings sensitivity, expertise and a non-judgemental air to every space she encounters and is excited with each and every opportunity to make a space more tidy and functional! You can learn more about Sharona by visiting her website,, and her Instagram,
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