Maker Made: An Interview with Gabrielle Soliz from Such a 4

Maker Made: An Interview with Gabrielle Soliz from Such a 4

Gabrielle Soliz of Such a 4 has been making oversized, spectacularly fun statement earrings since 2020. I love the bold statement combined with the simplicity of the shapes she creates. Her use of color and understanding of color trends made selecting my favorites to carry in the shop such a delight. I was excited to add her pieces to both my initial February launch as well as the upcoming March collection.

Here Gabrielle answers some questions about her experience with building a business, exploring a popular medium, and what she does (or doesn't do!) to keep her head in the game.


Arielle: When did you first start working with polymer clay?

Gabrielle: I started playing with polymer clay in January 2020. Launched my Etsy that February. 

A: How long did it take to master the medium?

G: I have yet to master polymer clay, it can be a finicky medium. Especially in the beginning. The pieces I ended up selling on Etsy that first month or two make my stomach turn to this day! So I haven’t mastered it but I have done so much research, hours and hours of practice and have some techniques of my own now, I can confidently say I’ve done a 180.

A: What’s your favorite part of the process?

G: My favorite part is seeing the piece completely finished. Of course, right!? But other than that I love the feeling of a new design developing in my head and setting up my clay to try it out. I love that experimental process.

A: What’s your least favorite part?

G: My least favorite part by a long shot is sanding. I have half a thumb nail at all times on my left hand from sanding. 

A: What kinds of inspirations drive your aesthetic? Where do you look for inspiration when you’re in a rut?

G: I’m inspired by interior design, fashion, architecture, and just the general shapes, textures and colors of the world. Pinterest has become my go to place recently. 

A: How long have you had your business? What inspired you to launch a creative business?

G: It will be two years on February 6! Earrings have always been my favorite accessory and I love ceramics. After taking a hand building ceramics class I knew I wanted to do something like that for my career. Fast forward a few months and stay at home mom life wasn’t fulfilling me like I had expected so I tried out polymer clay bc of its accessibility over ceramic and started making my favorite accessories.

A: Is there something you wish people knew about your products?

G: I wish people knew how hard it is to stand out and not second guess yourself everyday in what feels like a very saturated clay community. Or even just in small business it’s tough. I’m always second guessing even without any competition, so I generally don’t look at many other clay accounts bc it really messes with my creativity and mental state and those are both paramount for my business. 

A: How did you name your brand?

G: I’m an enneagram 4! And I’m such a 4. Having my brand named after a big part of who I am feels really freeing.

gabrielle soliz is the maker and designer behind jewelry brand such a 4

 Gabrielle Soliz is the owner and designer behind jewelry brand Such a 4, based in Denver, CO.

Find her gorgeous earrings on our site here.

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