Send earrings to your friends for free. #sharejoy

Send earrings to your friends for free. #sharejoy

2020 is overwhelming. There's so much to adjust to, a new reality, and a lot of anxiety and discord. I can't change much, but I wanted to offer something special that you can use to connect with someone. I know that connecting with my friends and family from a distance is the only thing that has kept me feeling ok.
Here's how it works.
When you make a purchase (any item, any amount) on the TMDCo. site before July 12, I will send a pair of Recycled Glass Studs to the recipient of your choice.
Must be shipped within the Continental US, and only while supplies last (but I'm pretty well stocked on these!) Besides that? No strings attached.
When you make an order, I'll follow up with an email requesting the shipping info, name, and any note you'd like to include. That's it. Enjoy shopping, enjoy connecting. I'm excited to send your gifts! They'll ship July 13 with all Summer Collection orders made by July 12.
Let's make it through 2020 together, and emerge stronger, smarter, healthier, and wiser.


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This is so nice!!


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