TMDCo is Moving Into a Studio!

TMDCo is Moving Into a Studio!

Big exciting fun announcement news!

I’m finally moving into a studio space! I’m beyond excited for this evolution of my business and creative work, and beyond grateful for all the support and enthusiasm from my friends, family, community, and incredible customers that has gotten me to this point. The last year has seen the growth of my wholesale business as well, with TMDCo products on the shelves of 30 stores around the country, which makes studio space more of a need than a desire when it comes to production capabilities.


The space I’ve found to rent needs some work. Any space (especially in my budget) would, and especially since I need to outfit the room with utility sinks and a washing machine. I’ll need a plumber to take care of rerouting the plumbing and installation. I will need to remove old carpeting and seal the concrete, spackle and paint the walls, install shelving, and buy some new burners, pots, and hanging racks. I will be DIYing as much as possible, but renovations are costly, no matter what.


I decided to fund this project with a bit of a DIY-Kickstarter. Like Kickstarter, I have a monetary goal, and your support gets you some awesome (hand dyed) goods. Unlike Kickstarter, I don’t need to meet any specific goals for you to receive your products, I have a very specific time frame that won’t be continually pushed off and make you wonder if it’s ever gonna happen, and the levels are essentially curated sets of beautiful hand dyed goods valued at or over the amount you “contribute.” If you’d like to contribute without buying the goods in those specific sets, gift cards are also available (and then you can save them for later or redeem them for anything in the shop, of course!)


So really, it’s more like a pre-order with the intention of supporting the evolution of my business into one with studio and production space. I don’t take your support lightly. I know there are a million places that need your dollars these days. If you do decide that supporting the work of this small business is worth your hard earned money, I am just completely humbled and grateful and I promise to do my best to continue to share creativity and joy.


These products/orders will be shipped by the end of March. Every “level” includes an original piece of art which I will create in the new space

Support the project by shopping the preorder collections here!

Thank you for reading, thank you for your support!

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